Thursday, December 25, 2014

Michael Hoffman Scandal video

Hello guys long time no see, i am so busy ..   today i am posting cute boy from Texas United States, he is Michael Hoffman. I never know him before his scandal video leaked to public. He is famous as youtube bodybuilder, he always post "flexing video" in his channel. After his scandal leaked to public i try to look for his youtube video but i can't find his flexing video on youtube.  Many people think he is gay, because he eat his own baby juice in one of his video lol. He confirm he is straight guy and do that because money, he get more than 10.000 $USD sell his private video.


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michael hoffman doing gay action in video just for money

Photo credit:Michael Hoffman, Google, etc.

he is so hot guys, i have few video of him but the best for me is Michael Hoffman Scandal Video , before doing that session he is flexing and push up, omg i love that's video

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